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SatAm Sally was much better, but I think there were still some clear problems in development. Amy it's better couple for Sonic seriously. Naked news free trial. Naked sally acorn. In fact, its just up to the fans imagination overall. That problem is primarily because when she displays these skills they are also usually within the same context of usage as the characters who have that same ability battle.

Since her inception in the early 90s, she has been both loved and hated by Sonic fans. We really gonna use that interspecies bullshit as an excuse to not only conclude the couple as incompatible, but hate the certain character for that? Cliche excuses to hate Sally Acorn Recently the number of Sally haters has increased in a distressing way for fans, but Sally haters have often caused trouble for the Sonic fandom in the past.

If anything, he was just the typical teenager with a balanced personality. I want you to stop what you're doing right now, no matter who you are, look at yourself.

Because Amy at the time had no abilities that made her freedom fighter material unlike tails. They often twist around the words of Sally fans and use any material against them. Big and Omochao don't deserve to be above you, and not even Chris or Elise. Porn or the users preferences Diaper-fur, for example. Big tits redhead cam. People can come up with stupid reasons to hate on a character. Tails is the cute and young kid of the group, the future engineer, and Sonic's best friend.

Kahunalilly Featured By Owner Dec 12, This page was either created or contains content from another article at Mobius Encyclopaedia. Metallic Madness Zone on Little Planet? Contents [ show ]. Personally, she is said to put a huge amount of pressure on herself to make the best decision whenever possible. Hating a fictional character because of a fictional couple. Want to advertise on e? He did not have a choice. History Flag History Recent approvals Help. She can be somewhat insecure at times and should she think herself to have failed or misjudged a situation in the past, she will often have tremendous self-doubts in herself at the frustration of her perceived inability.

They don't get picked at? She's so damn annoying and she has a crush on sonic. Summer's on its way again, and all commission spots are open! Writers contradict prior history to give her a bigger role. That kinda sounds like Sonic, actually. The naked brothers band banana smoothie. With the planet broken, Sally lead the Freedom Fighters to Station Square in order to help with rescue operations.

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By that logic, Amy Rose is a ripoff of Emi from the manga. Man I thought this was old news. Naked women in sandals. So, after that you see why she is hated, right? I wish she never existed. Now she's getting a new look in the comics, this will no longer be a problem Yeah, and I don't hate Sonamy fans, but I do hate the attitudes of some of those mean rabid shippers.

Nicole was only used to translate ancient language and display maps of Mobotropolis. And SEGA loves you, they even saved you from dying.

What do you think? Because Amy at the time had no abilities that made her freedom fighter material unlike tails. I want you to stop what you're doing right now, no matter who you are, look at yourself.

While they still overplayed her Straight Man role, it was defined from a certain personality trait, being more meticulous and cautious compared to Sonic and there was room to make proper character establishing flaws such as being finicky and neuroses prone.

I even saw your: First, she is rarely challenged as a character. That "Die For Our Ship" bullshit has really gotten way out of hand, and it's also played a hand in the downfall of this whole franchise. Also, I kinda skipped the shipping complaints because I rarely take shippers seriously. There's a difference between stating an opinion and slandering a character with things that are miles far from the truth. Big black ass porn xxx. Naked sally acorn. The whole point of Sally, and the rest of the Satam cast, getting redesigned is to make them more consistent with Sega cast and to calm down the hate she gets.

Spread the word, comment on this journal, make your own journal; copy and paste this one if you want to. You think she got those skills out of the blue? It is just because i don't like how sonic is in archie comics and i prefer the originals characters from the games, but after all, sonic is my favorite hero and others characters are lucky to been created, because without sonic they wouldn't.

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View original Hide this message. ALSO, because she is a strong female role model and a not a damsel in distress, it makes her a target They are not favorably looked upon for some reason. Her fear of losing Sonic magically …disappears. However many writers usually tend to focus on one over other elements, as Ian Flynn and many of the writers over Sally, tend to be more event focused. Also, please spend at least one day without any form of technology and see how you'll live through the rest of the day.

Last time I checked, Antoine was shown just as much in the series. As such, the Freedom Fighters were restored to the recreated Sky Patrol, with only Sonic retaining memories of the conflict.

He did not have a choice. In fact, I think Amy does that with Sonally!

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