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Telling every woman to strip naked. The language most Nigerians understand is force. Xxx sexi film. This is no impersonation. You missed the Point, Read well.

That will be against the law. Naked lady camo. How does making her go nude justifies the temerity of their actions against her? As men had to leave camouflage units to fight at the front, the work was left to women.

Please is stripping the person of the camouflage the prescribed punishment for the law that prohibits civilians from wearing army camouflage? If at all you will leave tomorrow, am sure you still live in the zoo you call a country.

Then the best thing is to strip her naked in public. In the long-forgotten "Swastika Night," Hitler is a god, women are subhuman, and love is dead. Stripping a lady in public? May their mothers and fathers die and burnt in a collapse building in Lagos ,Kanu,Enugu and Aba in Jesus name, haleluya ameen and may Chukwu Okeke Abiama and Ogun struck them with tunderbolt on their next mission, ameen ameen ameen.

They know what is right but would like to do the opposite. When these institutions start being financially liable for the barbaric behaviour of their staff, they will sit up. Like us on Facebook to get the latest on the world's hidden wonders. Hardcore porn nude. Entire Staff 9, topic views. May your wife, sister or daughter get same treatment from unruly soldiers. But available information showed the victim was harrassed somewhere in the northern part of the country for putting on army camouflage.

I believe you live on a tree. As long as you pursue this course of lies, it is just a matter of time before your ruse would be seen through the truth that will overwhelm you and tribal and religious nights like you.

From your contribution here we know where you come from. Why do people persist in wearing these clothes knowing the erratic nature of our soldiers?

Rhodesian Brushstroke — My biggest worry in all these is I hope the lady was not rough handled afterwards because I suspect the way the officer was looking at her body deliciously. Curved walls, angles of light all play into the finished project. In fact they are rolling on the ground while laughing at us. It would be hella cool, but it would take allot of time and patience.

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Many of you spreading hatred are as munch demagogues and vile, nauseating and bellcose as the people that you declared your imaginary enemies.

Stop issuing empty threats Zombie.

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Nigeria is indeed under military rule since buhari took over, what a shame of a country. Naked women gymnastics. They should ban importation of camouflage into the country otherwise they should apologize to the lady. May God in his infinite mercy grant you nd your cohort the Biafra you seek from the Nigerian sate. This is just a small sample of what to come.

To before warned is to before harmed!! I have no pity for the lady at all. Bros real officers are trained to use discretion if the lady committed an offense do you think striping her naked in public is the prescribed punishment for the offense, two wrongs cannot make it right just like jungle justice on some criminals by people even when police were around, remember the uniport 4, the military needs to tone down on this type of transfered aggression.

Ahhh gun control at work! This is a straightforward case of civil rights violation that should energize the Civil Right Attorneys up in arms. Naked lady camo. Subscribe Thanks for subscribing! I blame you and not the real people in uniform cos, you an use the uniform to do wrong and they will label it on the uniform men. Your likes should be in psychiatric hospital because of the danger poss to the society. Why is the law existing only in your said country Nigeria?

Offer subject to change without notice. Fat ass milf porn. Post deleted by Anno 1 2 3 all. How is your body image? I did not support the idea of Civilians wearing Army Uniform in Nigeria. Why are Nigerian security agents so daft and uncivilized? Georges Rousse born in Paris is a French photographer. It seems everyone is crazy and that craze is exposed as soon as the person is given any position of power over others.

Italian Serie A table 9: Copyright Mind Media. I love finding photographs or art randomly, then learning about the artist and finding out they are amazing like him. Sheer lack of training of the officers. Please note that calling Nigeria a zoo iis an insult to animals. Blonde big tits big cock. What is good for a man is equally good for a woman; or, what a man can have or do, so can a woman have or do. Good thing I had boxers on and was by the market so I easily got some other shots…I feared for my life in the hands of those I expected protection.

I leave it to your conscience to judge if first of all the law is fine or not.

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